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Buying a Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

It is a commonly held opinion amongst watch enthusiasts that your first luxury timepiece should be a pre-owned one, and there are several very good reasons as to why this is definitely the case. There is no watch watchmaker that this opinion applies to more than Rolex, the most recognisable luxury watch brand in the world.

It can be a daunting prospect for the first time Rolex buyer, as it can feel like you are being bombarded with model names, facts, figures and the prices for first hand watches can be intimidating. Here is our guide to the benefits of purchasing your Rolex second hand: 

Pre-Owned Rolexes are Less Expensive

The most obvious benefit is that a second hand Rolex won’t impact your finances as much a brand new one, and in many cases you can make a substantial saving. The main reason for the reduction in price is that as soon as the previous owner bought their Rolex, the transition that took place between the watch being new to pre-owned depreciated the watch. This is the biggest dose of depreciation that will hit the watch, and in fact you may find that your second hand Rolex will periodically increase in value for several reasons, such as the scarcity and the desirability of the watch.

 Older Models are Still Relevant Today

One of the biggest selling points of a Rolex is the timeless aesthetics of the timepiece, and the philosophy behind the company’s product release is one of evolution rather than adding or subtracting models. For example, if you were to look at a new release of the Rolex Submariner and the 1985 model that we have available here, whilst there have been some subtle changes to the watch in the 30 years since our model was released, it is easy for even the untrained eye to see that they are the same model.

So, buying a second hand Rolex does not mean that you’re buying an old, outdated watch, but rather a recognisably vintage version of a current model.

 There is a Wider Range of Watches to Choose From

When browsing for second hand watches, it is not uncommon to be overwhelmed at the large amount of options available to you. Instead of being restricted to the current offerings from Rolex, you instead open the door to all their collections from the past. One problem that many people have, in particular the first time buyers, is that they are not sure which Rolex is the one for them. Buying a pre-owned Rolex can help solve this problem. As you will not be paying full price for a brand new timepiece, it can help you be more open minded about which model of Rolex you want to purchase. Further to this, as Rolex updates their models it is not uncommon for them to discontinue its previous iteration. These discontinued Rolex models are available to buy second hand, and perhaps you will find the Rolex that you dreamed about having as a teenager! 

 Pre-Owned Watches Hold Their Value

Depreciation on a Rolex is a lot less punishing once the watch is classified as pre-owned, and in some cases you will find that it is in fact nil, or that it can actually appreciate. This means that not only do you get a distinguished, vintage timepiece for a substantially less expensive price than you might expect, but you can also view it as investment for when you want to buy a new watch in the future. If another Rolex was to catch your eye, for example, you could sell your pre-owned watch for a very competitive price, similar to the price you paid for it in the first place, which could help contribute to the price of your new watch.

 Buy with Confidence at BQ Watches

BQ Watches have over 30 years of experience as a trader in the luxury watch market, and we place a strong emphasis on the authenticity and the condition of our products. Each individual watch that we have for sale has been authenticated by our team of watch specialists, and where applicable we provide the original papers of authenticity. We are also happy to provide our customers with a piece of mind after they have purchased their second hand watch from BQ Watches, as we offer a 24 month warranty on all the watches that we sell.

As one of Europe’s leading traders of luxury watches, such as Rolex, Breitling and Cartier, to name a few, we are always looking for watches to add to our stock. If you are looking for a change, click here to sell your Rolex, or other luxury watch.